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(As posted on the Second Life blogs.)

There’s still time for the best and brightest of Second Life to apply to exhibit or perform at Second Life’s 7th Birthday party (SL7B)!

Exhibitor and entertainer applications are due May 20, 2010. Visit the SL7B wiki page for applications and details on this year’s event.

We’re also looking for a few good greeters! If you’re a people person who enjoys helping others and giving out gifts, we’d love to add you to our growing team of volunteers. Please complete our Volunteer Greeter Application by June 1.

What can you expect this year? As we’ve mentioned before, the theme is “unexpected collaborations,” so your guess is as good as ours! All we know is that with our unbelievably creative community, we’re sure to enjoy a variety of experiences that will make us laugh, make us think, inspire us, break our hearts, and dazzle us with the wonders of Second Life.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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(From the Second Life website.)

Applications for exhibitors, artists, musicians, and DJs at SL7B are now up on the Second Life Wiki. Feel free to jump in and apply!

As announced earlier this week, we are cordially inviting all Second Life Residents to come and celebrate Second Life’s 7th birthday (SL7B) by sharing the best and brightest of what our virtual world has to offer. This means you!

Within the scope of this year’s “Unexpected Collaborations” theme, we’ll all be coming together in our shining, bustling city to celebrate the collaborations that happen every day in the virtual world. We get together to meet new friends, to build businesses, to boost innovation, to help others, to immerse in role play, to create art and fashion—all in new, interesting, and sometimes unexpected ways. From wonderful to weird and back again—Second Life astonishes us again and again.

Now’s your chance to join in on the fun! Tell us your vision of how you and your exhibit encompass the spirit of this year’s theme. Inspire us. Make us think. Make us laugh. Make us excited to see your exhibit realized.

Apply for your piece of SL7B today!
We’re offering parcels of 512 m2 (117 prims) and 1024 (234 prims) for exhibitors and artists to show their stuff at SL7B. If you’re interested, please complete the SL7B Exhibitor Application by May 20. Approved exhibitors will be notified by June 3 to start building on June 5.

Ready to make some music?
If you’re a musician or if you’d like to DJ at SL7B, please complete the SL7B Entertainment Application to tell us about yourself and your availability. Please submit your application by May 20 and our entertainment staff will get back to you no later than June 1.

We can’t wait to watch the collaborations unfold!

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Applications are now being received. Application receipt closes May 20.

If you would like to be an exhibitor, check out the SL7B Exhibitor Application.

If you would like to perform, check out the SL7B Entertainment Application.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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(A letter from the “editor”–Harper Beresford)

The theme of this year’s SL7B is “Unexpected Collaborations.”

Second Life is, first and foremost, a social space. In that sense it’s not a lot different that other social “spaces”–AOL chat, Facebook, MySpace, Starbucks down the street, our kids’ basketball game, the block party. We make friends, we chat, we joke and make social groups, we dance, we dress up.

However, Second Life is also a place where we can quickly build our own world, our own scenes, our own art and fashions and businesses, write our own stories, explore ourselves and the world. And we do this with people from around the world, sychronously. We collaborate. That is what makes it so different!

The “unexpected” part is nothing more than what it says. It simply means things didn’t turn out as you expected. It means, in the most positive of ways, “I never knew my Second Life would be like this!”

This is a celebration: of the residents, of the world we created, this unexpected collaboration among all of us.

I hope leading up to the celebration, people talk about their “unexpected collaborations.” I hope we can bring you stories about unexpected collaborations. I hope you have some to tell us.

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From Second Life’s blog:

Linden Lab cordially invites you to celebrate Second Life’s seventh birthday with us because you, our wonderful Residents, are the reason Second Life exists.

The theme of this year’s birthday bash (aka SL7B) is “Unexpected Collaborations.” Second Life is a social space and a creative space. One of the best parts of Second Life is how we are able to meet and collaborate with people we have never met before in a way we never would have expected.

We build together, we dance together, we create businesses together and partnerships and groups. We have clubs where friends meet regularly, art shows and fashion shows, shopping expeditions, residential sims and neighborhoods, classrooms, and role playing areas. All these are collaborative spaces, We may meet each other in Second Life and then real life, or we may never reveal our real lives to each other, but we still learn from each other. Either way, we engage in unexpected collaborations in Second Life every day.

Rejoice in our “unexpected collaborations” with us starting Monday, June 21, 2010 through Sunday, June 27, 2010. Spanning 20 sims, the festivities will take place in a verdant cityscape—a metaphor for the virtual world we have built. Our Resident and Linden builders are busily planting the trees and paving the streets. Now we need your help to make it complete!

Parcels will be available for Residents to create their own collaborative, celebratory installations throughout our city in two sizes: 512 m2 (117 prims) and 1024 m2 (234 prims).

If you’re interested in participating, it’s time to start thinking about your own personal unexpected collaborations in Second Life—the experiences that made you want to stay and create something new and interesting. We’d love to see you incorporate this into your build and share your stories, and ultimately we hope you’ll share your vision of what you think makes Second Life worth living.

We will start accepting exhibitor applications on Wednesday, May 12. On that day, we will post a link to the application on this blog and on the Second Life Wiki. The application deadline is May 20.

We hope you’ll join us for the celebration. Seven years is a long time in Second Life years, and we still have a long life ahead of us.


Q: What are the guidelines for participating as an exhibitor?
A: The Second Life Birthday Celebration (SL7B) takes place on the main Second Life Grid and is for adults 18 years and older. The event has a General (aka PG) maturity rating, so all related rules are in effect. Exhibitors may provide landmarks to Adult regions, provided they are properly marked as Adult.

Q: What are the other rules?
A: There will be more details on the Second Life Wiki on May 12, but here are the basics that we stick to every year:

  • No megaprims are allowed at Linden-sponsored events.
  • No sales will be allowed. Free gifts (aka “freebies”) and landmarks to external areas are okay.
  • No hate-oriented materials will be allowed.
  • No copyright or trademark infringement will be allowed. This includes real life or virtual name brands, logos, sounds, or graphics that aren’t owned by an exhibitor.
  • Prim limits (according to plot size) will be strictly enforced.
  • Only one exhibitor spot will be allowed per Resident/group.
  • Landmarks web content, or links that are distributed must be relevant to the exhibit or exhibitor.
  • Every exhibitor and attendee must adhere to the Second Life Terms of Service and Second Life Community Standards.

Q: Is there an official inworld group that I can join to learn more?
A: You betcha! If you’d like to keep informed of the latest SL7B news, please join the Second Life Birthday group. Otherwise, please keep watching this blog and the Second Life Wiki for updates.

Q: What plot sizes are available this year to exhibitors?
A: We will offer two plot sizes:

  • 512 m2 (117 prims)
  • 1024 m2 (234 prims)

Q: Will this cost me anything?
A: Nope. It’s completely free to exhibitors and attendees.

Q: Can I attend the event as a child avatar?
A: Yes. All adult Residents are welcome at the Birthday festivities, both as exhibitors and attendees. But we ask that each individual, whether participating as an exhibitor or attending as a spectator, fully comply with our General maturity rating standards. This includes not only content on display, but also avatar representation. Essentially, if you want to run around in a tiny avatar, werewolf avatar, or a park bench avatar, that’s fine—as long as it adheres to our General maturity rating rules.

Q: Does this mean we can show pictures of kid avatar and adults together? What’s allowed?
A: We appreciate the fact that Second Life is a diverse world that includes a great many role-play families. As long as every exhibitor adheres to our General maturity rating guidelines regarding content, there is no problem. Linden Lab and the Resident organizers reserve the right to restrict content that does not adhere to our General maturity rating.

Q: We are a war role-playing group. Can we show and/or demonstrate our weapons?
A: Exhibition of weapons crafted within Second Life is fine. Demonstrating them in a General maturity rating area, however, is not appropriate. All locations within the Birthday grid are “safe zones”—without damage enabled. As an alternative, weapons makers may provide a landmark to an external location where their role playing and weapons use can be seen in action.

Q: Am I guaranteed a plot for my planned exhibit?
A: No, unfortunately we have limited space. Our goal is to accommodate as many exhibitors as possible at SL7B within the space we are allotted. We begin accepting applications on May 12 and will notify exhibitors by June 3 if they are accepted. If we run out of space, we will keep a back-up list of applicants—so if the first round of accepted applicants do not begin building by a specified date, their plot will be given to the first name on the back-up list, and so on. Linden Lab reserves the right to decline a submission or to request changes to exhibitions that are not in compliance with our policies.

Q: I am a musician/DJ and I would like to perform. Will there be music this year?
A: Yes, we will be featuring both live performers and DJs! The application for entertainers will also be available on this blog and on the Second Life Wiki on May 12.

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