Thank you!

Photo by Harper Beresford

Many thanks to the many exhibitors, performers, DJs, builders,  and volunteers who participated this year.

Special thanks to Courtney and Molly Linden and the Moles.

Hurry up and get over here! The exhibits will be gone after July 3!

Portucalis United
Photo by Harper Beresford

Marga Ferrer and a team of builders brought Portucalis United to life. As Marga said in her application, “”Our intended exhibit will lie under the physical representation of an atom. Each part of the atom will show the different fields where our community has a relevant work and role, both recognized in SL world since 2007: education, arts/culture, literature and social events. The whole atom is a metaphoric way to represent how people with different interests act all together seeking for the same goal: build and share content and skills enriching the world. It represents the living community and its unity as well as the recognition by peers. The atom appeals to science, culture, education, arts, imagination, unity and diversity. This is Portucalis.” Marga said, “Portucalis was built by friends for friends. Nothing we accomplished since 2007 would be possible if it weren’t for the people always supporting us and the efforts, work and persistence of all residents. The community spirit exists in Portucalis with bonds that go beyond language, nationality, species or other details. Friendship is what prevails and there are no strangers in Portucalis.”

Portucalis United
Photo by Harper Beresford

Each room features a different mini-exhibit and there are several gifts to be had in the exhibit. Find Portaculis United on the Enigma sim.


Karupa Flow offers a beautiful collabortive art piece in “Get Into the Art.” Karupa’s application said, “My work in SL blends my RL art with SL builds – creating a living, breathing piece that invites participation – a collaboration between artist/art and anyone who happens by…. Unexpected collaborations occur when the user encounters my space – and is drawn to the art within.  (And I never know who to expect to show up!)” The front sign of the exhibit, signed by Karupa, says “Without collaboration with you, my work is invisible. How you interact with the piece, what it makes you think; the feelings it invokes is what uncovers its soul. Take your time, immerse yourself in the display: be aware.”

Get into the Art
Photo by Harper Beresford

Get into the Art
Untouched photo by Harper Beresford

This beautiful exhibit is tucked away in the corner of the Absurdity sim. It’s not to be missed.


The Originals at SL7b
Photo by Harper Beresford

Harrie Skjellerup thought that music was the way people find “unexpected collaborations,” and showed this with her exhibit for “The ORIGINALS.” As she explained, “The ORIGINALS is a non profit group that produces a monthly live showcase of varying SL musicians performing their original music that we take to a different venue on the gird each month. We intend to create an exhibit that explains who we are, what live original music on the grid is all about, along with a series of prim displays for original musicians web links, promo info and bio’s. Also we will feature examples of the collaborative original work of many musicians in SL! Music brings us all together and SL is all about creating and having fun, original music is both!”

Find “The ORIGINALS” and get more information on the Visionary sim.

hockey at sl7b
Photo by Harper Beresford

Jack Belvedere applied to talk about his group, the “Global Online Hockey Association.” He wrote that they are “a large sporting community with regular, active season play and additional large group activities.” Who would think of hockey in SL? Yet, here it is. Jack wrote about “Two collaborations: Dyz Warburton was a long time league member when the opportunity arose for him to collaborate with extending, improving and expanding this vibrant community. He was an experienced scriptor, unbeknownst to us, who volunteered his time and energy extensively over the last few years to hugely improve this Second Life experience. Additionally a very unexpected collaboration has occurred for GOHA this year with the formation of a CPP in a new, winter-themed area which Linden Lab community managers are planning to expand upon in the months to come. We’d love to kick off this soon-to-open collaboration with a spot at the birthday celebration.” Well here they are!

Check GOHA out on the Contrary sim at SL7B.

Photo by vampiremaya

Merlino Mayo and shanti Yutani built “Exquisite Corpse” as the perfect example of an “unexpected collaboration.” As Merlino explained in her application, “‘Exquisite Corpse'” originates from a famous Surrealist game, so here we would like to show the idea of an art installation where the creative process will be perfectly shared from two artists creators. As the original concept of the ‘game,’ we will being allowed to see the end of what the previous has done, adding his work to the built structure as a growing Tower, in the previously selected space, level after level just to the end of prims and days. Each last step will be hidden using black temporary boxes, except for the final parts showed as visible slices with end shapes and colors. We will celebrate the communication, the positive creation consequences after the meetings and the new Digital Surrealism Art.”

Find “Exquisite Corpse” on the Marvelous sim.

SL10: SL7B
Photo by rosefirerising

Solkide Auer and Shellina Winkler explore color in their exhibit at SL7B. Solkide said in his application, “”This work has a cubital shape but it is composed [of] many pieces that create a lovely artistic [sculpture]. There is a special way to enter in and [enjoy it] first person… so the visitor not just looks but is part of the work.” He applied because he and Shellina are real life artists who met in Second Life and have worked together on several projects. They felt this was a great collaboration.

Find Solkide’s and Shellina’s beautiful work, “Colors from the Void,” on the Absurdity sim.

The performances are over but the sims are still open and it’s worth taking time to see the beautiful exhibits throughout the sims, knowing you won’t mistakenly miss a great performance.

Happy Birthday SL!
Photo by EllieBob Bean

Marianne McCann presented a great Happy Birthday for SL built around a children’s theme. Marianne said in her application, “A build for the Second Life Children’s group, “Unexpected Childhood” would present stories and other goods about how Second Life Residents found their way into a “second childhood” in Second Life, with a focus on the unexpected twists and turns they’ve taken on this path. We’ll also invite others to try a hand at the unexpected. :-)”

See Marianne’s “Unexpected Childhood” on the Visionary sim.

SL7B - Voices Project
Photo by Eve Kazan

Sowa Mai’s exhibit, “Field of Voices,” is starkly beautiful in a minimalist way, but the real delight in her exhibit is walking among the prims to hear different sound events as the prims sense your avatar. Sowa said in her application, “Field of Voices is part of an experimental study of the nature and possibilities of collaboration in the art of virtual worlds. In the words of Aequitas, the organizers of the collaborative installation: ‘The idea was to illuminate the shift of perception from outside to inside the virtual world. The visitor is presented with a beautiful expanse of white columns not unlike a circuit board or a graveyard. Jumping down in to the field we are treated to the voices of a diverse group of real people belaying the sterile perception social media in general by reminding us there are people behind the virtual avatar on the screen. The effect is quite touching as you walk through the amusing, touching, and clever proximity activated voices in the poles.'”

And she told us, “When we planned the first incarnation of this project we had no idea what people would say in their voice submissions. After hearing the voices we were floored. Confessions, announcements, dedications, silliness, there was a pure stream of humanity flowing through the artwork that could never have been imagined or expected. We expect no less this time.”

Find Sowa’s aurally inspiring exhibit on the Absurdity sim.

The sims will still be open until July 3, when all exhibitors have been requested to take down their builds by 11:59 pm slt. Until then, come to the sims and ENJOY. We will still be featuring some of the great builds on this blog til then 🙂


We would like to thank brad Ohtobide, Chastity Saintlouis, JustOneMore Loon, Klownie Allen, and Selena Denja for their considerable time and effort, 100% donated to SL7B. Without them, SL7B would have no sound.

Thanks for all you have done!

Machinima by JADENEIndia

SL7B Marvelous - DiVAS
Photo by Ganymedes Costagravas

Phaylen Fairchild, one of the organizers of last year’s birthday party, has a great parcel devoted to her on-going show, “DiVAS.” Phaylen said on her application, “DiVAS is the first virtual series to cross platforms, using both the mediums of Second Life and World Of Warcraft to create machinima entertainment.” As Phaylen pointed out, “Going beyond the meshing of individual people, DiVAS introduced the first cross platform implementation, merging two unique mediums to deliver one story. This required the work of people alien to Second Life who operate within WoW and second lifer residents alien to WoW collaborating across virtual boundaries to provide a new form of short form entertainment.”

You can find DiVAS in the Marvelous sim.

Sunday, June 27

12:00 AM Britsurfer Bauer at Stage 1
12:00 AM Immm Back at Stage 2

01:00 AM Britsurfer Bauer at Stage 1
01:00 AM Immm Back at Stage 2

02:00 AM Kirstenlee Cinquetti at Stage 1
02:00 AM Lance Stoop at Stage 2

03:00 AM Kirstenlee Cinquetti at Stage 1
03:00 AM Lance Stoop at Stage 2

04:00 AM 8wall Wrigglesworth at Stage 1

05:00 AM Sim Restarts

06:00 AM Cristina Tiaret at Main Stage
06:00 AM Solde Rothmanay at Stage 1
06:00 AM Liravu Avon at Stage 2

07:00 AM JordanReyne Deezul at Main Stage
07:00 AM Solde Rothmanay at Stage 1
07:00 AM Liravu Avon at Stage 2

08:00 AM Curea Leiner at Main Stage
08:00 AM LilTank Thibedeau at Stage 1
08:00 AM Angelo Beauchamp at Stage 2

09:00 AM MadameThespian Underhill at Main Stage
09:00 AM LilTank Thibedeau at Stage 1
09:00 AM Angelo Beauchamp at Stage 2

10:00 AM Gabryel Nyoki at Main Stage
10:00 AM Soulman Sands at Stage 1
10:00 AM Sonricita Belfire at Stage 2
10:00 AM Houston Darkfold at Cake Stage

11:00 AM (The Follow Band ) Powers Avon at Main Stage
11:00 AM Soulman Sands at Stage 1
11:00 AM Sonricita Belfire at Stage 2
11:00 AM Houston Darkfold at Cake Stage

12:00 PM Burning Taiko at Main Stage
12:00 PM Seren Dawes at Stage 1
12:00 PM Isis Owatatsumi at Stage 2
12:00 PM UncleSlappy Wylie at Cake Stage

01:00 PM “Vryl Valkyrie Your Dream Starts Here: Past, present, future” at Auditorium
01:00 PM Yman Juran Chang High at Main Stage
01:00 PM Seren Dawes at Stage 1
01:00 PM Isis Owatatsumi at Stage 2
01:00 PM UncleSlappy Wylie at Cake Stage

02:00 PM Myst Dancers at Main Stage
02:00 PM DaemonChadeau Nemeth at Stage 1
02:00 PM Morgana Hilra at Stage 2

03:00 PM DaemonChadeau Nemeth at Stage 1
03:00 PM Morgana Hilra at Stage 2

04:00 PM Marjorie Dibou at Stage 1
04:00 PM Harlee Lane at Stage 2
04:00 PM Blondin Linden: Linden Prizes at Auditorium
04:00 PM Joslyn Bonetto at Cake Stage

05:00 PM Marjorie Dibou at Stage 1
05:00 PM Harlee Lane at Stage 2
05:00 PM White Lebed – Burning Life, the Art Department panel discussion at Auditorium
05:00 PM Joslyn Bonetto at Cake Stage

06:00 PM April McCoy at Stage 1
06:00 PM srv4u conacher at Stage 2
06:00 PM usmale Bigbear at Cake Stage

07:00 PM April McCoy at Stage 1
07:00 PM srv4u conacher at Stage 2
07:00 PM usmale Bigbear at Cake Stage

08:00 PM Lixxin Zadark at Stage 1
08:00 PM Godiva Rugani at Stage 2

09:00 PM Lixxin Zadark at Stage 1
09:00 PM Godiva Rugani at Stage 2

10:00 PM Miss Wright at Stage 1
10:00 PM memphis Wulluf at Stage 2

11:00 PM Mudge Barbara at Main Stage
11:00 PM Buckaroo Mu at Stage 1
11:00 PM Miss Wright at Stage 1
11:00 PM memphis Wulluf at Stage 2